Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Would Your Man Wear A Bra?

Would your guy like a bra as a gift this holiday season? I don't mean a bra as a tantalizing metaphor for play time, I mean for him to wear.

Generally, men are more interested in the contents than the bra itself, or so I thought, but bras for men have taken Japan by storm, and many retailers have not been able to keep up with demand.

Now the bra wearing guys we are talking about here are not necessarily in need of support. These bras are more of the adolescent training variety. I guess they get some thrill wearing it.

Let us know if your guy would wear a bra and if we should consider stocking this at Boys To Men Gifts.

See the video report here.


Anonymous said...

I know my husband would, cause he wears a bra on a daily basis due to gynecamastia.

Sandy said...

I love my guy in a bra. It looks sexy. He can wear a 36A or a 38A (which is harder to find). I buy him bras with a bit of push-up padding which gives a nice subtle shape under a shirt - not enough for others to notice, but I know it's there.

Anonymous said...

I am a male , at least I was born one. Having to wear a bra for my breasts is a necessesity ! I am wearing a 42C and do not like the feel from going without ! Besides ,they flatter the figure even more ! Who want large breasts only to have them headed for the floor ?

fjpoynter said...

I wear a bra every day I am 46 D. I would love it if I received a bra as a gift.