Friday, May 1, 2009

Boys Smarts-Parenting is worth it!

I have a friend that has been raving on about Barry Macdonald who is Best-selling Author of Boy Smarts – Mentoring Boys for Success at School and Boy Smarts Action Study Guide. She has two boys who are really "boys, boys" and she has been following his words of wisdom and has found it very useful. So I thought I would check his website out and share 12 parenting tips he recommends for growing up boys.

Leading boys to become courageous, caring, ethical and healthy

12 t i p s …

1. Understand how the boy-code can restrict your
boy’s emotional development: Don’t be a girl! Don’t
show your feelings! Act tough and dominate!

2. Learn about the unique communication needs of
your boy.

3. Assist boys to develop an emotional vocabulary.
Teach him that courage and empathy are the sources
of real strength.

4. Create an environment where emotions are
accepted. Use an “emotional barometer” when
words are hard to find.

5. Boys often need indirect and action-talk with lots
of quiet time to process their feelings and thoughts.
Respect a boys desire to not want to discuss

6. Discuss the gender straitjacket, teasing, bullying,
and other daily stresses.

7. As your boy gets older, seek to understand his
behaviour in a peer context. To expect a boy to be
able to run counter to the prevailing peer culture is to
stake out the moon for a chance glimpse of a jumping

Make time to get to know and appreciate his choice
in friends. Also, maintain a strong rapport and caring
connection with your boy. It will help you weather
any storm.

8. Build on your boy’s natural desire for adventure
and problem-solving.


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