Thursday, October 30, 2008

Smart Gift Shopping On A Budget

Times are getting tough globally as we hear about every day in the news. But will these tough economic times affect our holiday season and gift giving ? Let us know your thoughts on the subject. I thought about this myself and my spin on it is that people have to have some fun in life or what's the point of working hard all year. That said, many of us will tighten our belts a bit on the budget.

I then looked at our own product line as a customer and as an experiment used the Gift Finder on our home page to check out how many products we have under $20.00, and was surprised to find the answer was 85. This is a good sign as I know that we have gifts that are within everyone's budget. Another way to save is to combine your order with that of a friend or a group of friends and take advantage of our free shipping on orders over $100.00.
With the fall in the Canadian Dollar against the Greenback, our customers south of the border are getting an even better deal.

Now that is what I call smart shopping on a budget.

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