Monday, October 6, 2008

Products I Use Myself

I often get asked as one of the founders of Boys To Men Gifts, if I actually use any of the products myself. The simple answer is yes. We choose all the products on our site for originality and good design, and because we sell gifts for men, a lot of these cool things find their way into my home before long, in the name of product testing of course.

Over the next few weeks I will mention a few items that I use regularly, starting with …

Luxury Shaving Kit. I was always a Gillette spray can shaving foam kind of guy, until I decided to try this product. It really did change my habits, as once I had a shave using this quality shaving cream and a badger hair brush, I knew I would never go back.

The kit comes with almond shaving oil which helps the razor glide over your skin and stop those shaving bumps. The cream itself does not leave your skin feeling dry, but hydrated, and smooth, and the cucumber after shave cream is soothing and fresh.

All is left is the razor, and I have my eye on the Rising Star Razor as my next little treat, I mean, product performance evaluation, for Boys To Men Gifts.

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